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Cloudless night sky

Stars. A diamond studded bow

Along drifts a boat

The ship of dreams

She carries hope.

The land where dreams come true

Every night, she looks out of the window

And there one day flew a boy

A boy tall and pixie like

Red, she called him.

Her hand curved

Over the plane of the Dreamscape

As she leaned over the railing

To gaze into the depths

Of the fathomless ocean

Beneath the stars of old

The willows o' the wisps

Zipped and zoomed past

Sparkles in white

And blurry blue

Keira she called

I'm here, the sky replied.

Gaiety and faery folk

They twirl in dance

As the clock strikes nine

Tinkling laughter

Listen until you shut off

For the night.

Don't leave me

She cried to the heavens

The rainbow answered

Peeking from behind

The angst - clouded with anxiety

Dreams that had turned to nightmares.

Hope. Even nightmares do cease

Turn from rolling seas

To gentle breeze

Float with me

Rise above the beat

Sway like the trees.

Wind in the willows

Trees shrouded by the mist

A mystery to the dryads

Come to bathe in Float

A pond that swirls

Icy drifts engulf

See nothing but distress

'Til you rise above the ashes

And down like a nightingale

A phoenix born of water

Forged by ice

Hopes eternal flame.

This ode of dawn

Hark at it

Remember not

For you will

If time wills

She the boat

Gently floats

A second closer.

Don't fear, for she beckons

Like the mermaid of legends

The Helen of Troy

Yonder, beware.

Rise like the phoenix

Swoop like a nightingale

And the hurricane swirls behind

Ever ominous

In the dark night sky.

Author's Note:

Hi everyone! This is a short poem I wrote a long time ago, loosely inspired by Peter Pan and Neverland, as you might have already guessed. Enjoy :)

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